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7 sky-boxes, each with a studio with over 400 different poses for men, women, moving or still, children, fairies and more. Background with 9 prefixed colors, studio backgrounds, landscapes, oceans and skies. Professional lightning set up with main light, fill light and background lights Works with a HUD that you can obtain from the poster on the wall. TP there to have a look.

How to get the best results

Advanced menuTo use this studio you best set your Sun position to MIDNIGHT (Ctrl+SHIFT+X or CMD+SHIFT+X) and remove your face lights if you wear them.

Make sure you have your Advanced Menu activated (ALT+SHIFT+Ctrl+D or ALT+SHIFT+CMD+D) Check the High-Res Snapshots and Quiet Snapshots

snapshot windowOpen your snapshot window (Ctrl+SHIFT+S or CMD+SHIFT+S). Go to the Disk Tab and choose Custom from the dropdown menu. Copy the settings from the example.

How to use the HUD

PhotoStudio HUD

Double click the .:TT:. PhotoStudio HUD in your inventory to wear it. It will end up on the top of your screen.

Background Color

COLOR BUTTON – this will change the color of the background. A menu will pop up in the right upper corner of your screen where you can choose of 9 preset colors: Black, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue, Cream, Pink, Red and Brown.

If you want to extract your model from the photographers background to place her in your vendor texture background, pick a color that matches this eventual background. This way you will have less trouble with semi transparency’s like hair, fur, lace and other smooth fabrics.

RESET BUTTON – This will reset the PhotoStudio: The Background color is set to Medium Grey, the lights shut off, the textures is taken away and the full bright setting is off.

HELP BUTTON – this will take you to this page.

POSES – Using the Blue Arrows on the left and right side you can cycle through the different poses that are loaded in the pose stand.

Light Settings

There are two types of light settings in this studio: one for the best graphic settings and one for computers that cannot get to this best setting.

Lightning setups

Here you see both settings in the Graphic Tab of your Preferences. If you can, do use the Advanced Lightning Setting, even if it is only for the duration of the photo session. You can reduce the draw distance and other settings. In the Advanced Lightning Model the avatar has shadows, and the lights work like real spot lights.

If it is impossible to use these advanced settings make sure that at least the Basic Shaders and Atmospheric Shaders are ticked.

The studio lights are placed in a way we would do in a real life photo studio. There is main light, hair light, Soft box light etc. It is important to remove face lights, these lights will ruin the effect of the studio lights. Besides if you are not on advanced lightning settings you can only see the nearest 6 lamps, and that are most probably your facelight(s).

There are four different light settings, 2 for Advanced Lightning Model and 2 for the Basic Shaders


If you are modeling with moving poses, like a real photoshoot, where the model moves, dances and walks in front of the camera, you will probably need a broader light set up to prevent the risk that the model escapes from the light. This setting lightens a larger part of the Studio Floor.


For portrait photography and static poses for a vendor you can use this setting. The light concentrates on the model on the pose stand ensuring the best exposure.



The FullBright Button on the HUD will toggle the screen with FullBright on and off. With the FullBright ON you will create a plain background that will make it easier if you later want to extract your model from the background to place her into your vendor picture background.

How to change Background Textures

In this studio you will find 20 Texture backgrounds included. If you click the background a menu will pop up with both professional studio textures and outdoor textures. After 15 minutes the studio will reset automatically and the background is set to a middle grey plain texture. If you are not finished yet, feel free to set your texture and color back to continue.

Free? Yes Free!

This PhotoStudios are free to use by Trendy Templates Update Group members. There are studios for men, for women, with static and moving poses, for children, petites and mothers to be. You can show your appreciation by donating some L$ to one of the donation posters in the studio. The money will be used to buy new poses.