How to start selling

… start reselling immediately?

  • Right click the clothing layers in your inventory and change the properties to either copy OR transfer.
  • Rez a box on the floor
  • Drag the clothing layers you want to include in the content part of the box
  • Change the name of the box to something that makes sense as vendor (SoAndSo – Minidress)
  • Set the box for sale – Make sure you set the content for sale.
  • Make a nice picture and add that to the box.

Your vendor is ready for use!

… start selling clothes that have me as creator?

  • Go into appearance
  • Select one of the clothing tabs and create a new layer (sometimes you need to take off what you are wearing first.
  • Drag the texture that you want to use for that clothing part to the fabric box.
  • If you have used the tintable textures (blank) you can change the Color/Tint
  • Save the layer with a suitable name (default its called New Jacket or New Pants)

Now follow the steps as in the first chapter

…Alter the clothes to my own taste?

  • Rez the Download Box to the ground. On touch it will give you the internet address and the password you need to download the PSD files.
  • Click the internet address in the chat history – open a normal browser and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After you have downloaded the rar file you need to unpack it.

BEWARE!! You need proper software to be able to make alternations to the files. These files were made in PhotoShop CS3. They can be altered with Photoshop or Gimp (Gimp is free software you can find at

Why are the textures inworld  512×512 and the PSD files 1024×1024?

The PSD files are bigger to make it easier to make changes. You can be more accurate on a bigger drawing. Before uploading you should reduce the size with at least 50% to prevent lag and endless download time for the texture of your clothes. In the end you want the other residents to see your clothes, don’t you?