How to get a license to sell on other grids

A license is needed for all material that has the name of Stella Gravois as the creator. This implies templates, (seamless) textures, shadow maps and sculpt maps.

To get a license to use the material in ANY other grid apart from Second Life you need to buy that item twice. You will get a license set to your name that allows you to use that specific item outside of SL. In the case sculpts are involved, the needed sculpt-maps will be included in the license.

After you bought the item twice you can send Stella a notecard with the following data:

• Your name (+ the name of your avatar in another world)
• The article you want the license for
• The transaction history that proves you bought it twice

In case you bought the first item long time ago, please contact Stella, most certainly the sales records are saved.

So for instance:
You would like to sell the Satin Butterfly Dress in InWorlds. You need to buy the Satin ButterflyDress 2 times. Send Stella Gravois a NOTECARD with the transaction history of your purchases (if possible)
If your name is different in the other grid, please write down the other name as well.
You will get a license to your name(s) with the used sculpt-maps and you are free to export that template set.

NO LICENSE IS AVAILABLE for those (group only) products that have no png files included and have prim elements that are no modify. MM Board gifts, Lucky letter gifts, group gifts, hunt gifts etc etc are excluded from licenses as well.

You don’t need a license for the skirts made with the skirt generators, unless there are sculpted elements involved. There is no way you can export the generator itself, but you can create a skirt in Second Life and export that, textured with your own textures, to any other grid.

If there are questions left, please contact Stella Gravois by sending an (offline) IM or read the full text on: End-user Licence Agreement

More info on how to export flexi skirts you can find on the page: How to Export to other Grids