How to use the Jewel Generators

Building jewelry with YOUR name as the creator was never this easy!

***Get ready: 0:18
Prepare workspace
unpack jewelry box
check what is in the inventory

***Create your jewelry piece: 5:03
Rez a box
apply the script
tricks to focus:
Ctrl + Alt and mouse
Alt or Zoom button build screen
Pick up the object – DO NOT RENAME
Rez the generator
drop object in

***Attaching to your body: 10:19
use the build in pose stand
wear the example
copy the settings
attach the new jewerly part and paste the settings

***Resize for male fit: 12:26
Open the resize script set
Rez a necklace
drop in all 3 scripts
when done, pick it up
rez it again
set scripts to running
rename the prim
pick it up when done
change your avatar
wear the necklace
click and resize all prims +50%
adjust the fit.

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