How to use the Hair Generators

Part 1 – How to create the hair:

**** Get Ready 1:50
Get the Free trial Hair Generator from the Demo Console
Unpack the boxes
Check what you got in the folder

**** Check out the hair base 4:20

**** Create a Hair Model 5:30
Rez a prim and pick it up
Rez the Hair Strand Generator
drop in the prim of your own
Click the generator and give permissions
Pick up the hair strands


**** Create the Model using the hair strand 8:30
Rez the Hair Generator (Hair Dryer)
Drop in the hair strands
Click the Generator and give permissions

**** Fit the hair 10:50
Wear the example
Edit the hair and copy the position
Attach the new hair to your skull
Paste the position

How to use the Resize Script

Shirk the hair between 5% and 7% to make the hair fit for women

Part 2 – How to dye your hair

 **** Get Ready 0:30
Rez your new hair
Unpack your Dye Set

**** Dye the hair 1:30
Drop in ALL the textures and the Hair Dye Script
Click the hair

**** Unpack the hair bases in the color of your Dye Set 2:25


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