Avatar Body & Clothing Templates

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In order to get clothes made for the Second Life Avatar you need to have a basic UV Template. This is a 2D map of the 3D avatar. There are several good templates available for free; the most famous ones are from Chip Midnight and Robin Wood. Stella Gravois from Trendy Templates made a for the Upper Body, Lower Body and Skirt Templates a combination of both versions.

All templates are 1024×1024 pixels. The template for the head (to make skins or facial tattoos) is the original template from Robin Wood from 2005Robin Wood Head Template.

TT Upper Body TemplateOn the Clothing Templates for the Upper Body, Lower Body and Skirt you will find fake bake shadows for the male, the female and the child body. They also have an easy outline layer you can use to cut the seams. The Upper Body Templates also has an ‘ Off Shoulder Guide’  for easy positioning of the sleeves.

You can download the Templates for free in a zip format. Please use a program to unzip the files before you use them.

If you need a basic tutorial on how to work with them please check out the tutorial ‘Basic Clothing Knowledge‘ on this site.