Create your own vendor

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Step 1

  • Box up the items you want to sell
  • Change the permissions
  • Change the name of the box to
    the name of the product

Step 2

  • Make a nice vendor picture
    (you may use the free photo studio provided by Trendy Templates)

Step 3

  • Go to the page Building > Scripts > Vendor Script 2.0
  • Download the script to a notecard on your hard disk

Step 4

  • Open your inventory and look for the folder Scripts
  • Right click the folder name and choose New Script
  • Name the new script Vendor Script 2.0
  • Double click the script to open it
  • Select all the text and delete it
  • Go back to the notecard with the vendor script
  • Select all the text and paste it in the script
  • Click the save button.

Step 5

  • Go to the top of the page and change the price of your item and the thank you text
  • Save the script and close it.

Step 6

  • Create a box that is going to be the vendor
  • Give the vendor a meaningful name
  • Make all sides black except the front where the vendor picture comes
  • In the content of this box you drop the box with your product
  • You may also add an info notecard with information on your product
  • Drop the script together with the box and the notecard

Step 7

  • Drop the script in the vendor
  • The script will ask permissions to take money from your Linden Dollar account
    this is needed to return money to your customers in case they pay the wrong  amount of money. DO NOT WORRY, this is no scamming! The script will not take any money if no wrong money is paid. More info:
  • Allow access


If your customer right clicks the vendor he/she gets the button with the set price
to pay

If you, as the owner, click the vendor it will tell you in chat how many items you
have sold