Remove Background with GIMP

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Just a quick & easy tutorial on how to remove background from your SL avatar images using GIMP. A very good tutorial we stumbled over in YouTube made by Intoxicate Resident. Thank you!

  • Make a picture with a unique background color
  • Open the picture in GIMP
  • Make a new layer filled with black and move it to the bottom of the layers list
  • Select the background color with the color picker tool
  • Take the fuzzy tool to remove the big parts
  • Right click the layer icon in the layer list
  • Select Alpha to Selection
  • Choose Select from the menu > Shrink with 1 pixel
  • Choose Select again from the menu > Invert click Delete
  • Now take the Free Select Tool and select the hair outline
  • Select feather 10 pixel
  • Select the color and copy the HTML notation
  • Choose Color from the menu > Color to Alpha
  • Paste the HTML notation in the color window
  • Click OK