Creating a Lace skirt using a Brush

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  • Create a layered lace texture
  • Create a new file 1024×1024 with two layers
  • The lowest layer is filled with black
  • Select a lace brush and in the brush window adjust the size [GIMP adjust spacing to 100%]
  • Draw a straight line holding the SHIFT [Photoshop Only]
  • Copy the lace layer 2 times (total 3 layers)
  • Invert the lowest layer
  • Merge the 3 lace layers and give it a bit of Drop Shadow
  • Holding ALT & Drag to create new layers (or copy the layer)
    • Note there is a free space of 2 pixels on the top of the page to prevent a line on the bottom of your skirt later.
  • Select the Burn Tool with a soft brush, Burn the Highlights, with and Exposure of 70%
  • Select the layers one by one to burn some wrinkles
  • Save it as a png file