How to use the .:TT:. Rigged Mesh Skirt Panels

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When wearing a mermaid skirt, the system avatar could use the system skirt for the upper part and that way cover the gap between her legs to the point where the flexi skirt starts. Mesh avatars cannot use the system skirt and therefore need another solution.

Using the .:TT:. Rigged Mesh Skirt Panels provide an elegant and easy way to suggest a fitting skirt both for mesh AND for system avatars.

Step 1 show your name as the creator of the Mesh Panels.
The only way to become the creator of a mesh object is to upload the DAE file – these files are not included so you need to add a new root prim to the mesh skirts.
– rez one of the 5 Rigged Skirts Panels
– rez a prim of your own and give it a proper name
– place your prim in the middle of the skirt panel rezzed on the ground
– Select the skirt panel, hold SHIFT and click your prim. (You have 2 prims selected, and the last one was your prim, that will be the new root)
– Click the ‘Link’ Button on the edit screen
– check the box ‘Edit Linked’ in the building screen and select your prim only.
– Make the prims as small as possible and change the texture to transparent

Step 2 – texture the skirt panel
The skirt panels can be textured with the default lower body templates. This way you need to make only one texture for the panels + the pants.

Create a lower body texture and make sure that the gap between the legs is filled with a texture as well

– check the box ‘Edit Linked’ in the building screen and select the skirt panels only.
– in the texture tab add the lower body template texture to the panels

Your Rigged skirt panels are now ready to use! Take them back into your invenory, change the permissions and double click to wear them.