Use the Multi Model Skirt Generator V4

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  1.  Tutorial Multi Model 1
  2. Check what you need in your inventory: Skirt Generator + Panel maker script
  3. Rez a prim Drag the panel maker script in the content
  4. Close the edit window Click the prim for the menu Pick a panel
  5. Add a texture Pick up the prim – DO NOT RENAME THE PRIM
  6. Rez the generator Hit the Green GO button a pose stand is rezzed Give permission
  7. Add the object you have made in the content of the pose stand on the floor Close the edit screen
  8. Click Create Style 1 OR Create Style 2
  9. When the skirt is made pick up the skirt Attach the skirt to your pelvis
  10. Use the example skirt to copy the correct Rotation and Position.