Problem Solving Skirt and Ruffle Generators

Script warning  – Could not find object ‘Object’. You have renamed the prim after using the panel maker script. The script looks for an Object with a fixed name (in this case Object). If it cannot find that Object it has nothing to build with and gives a script error



Delete the pose stand and hit the GO button again.
Create a new panel, do NOT rename the panel.
Drop this panel called ‘ Object’  in the new pose stand.
You have forgotten to put a panel in the pose stand. Create a new panel, do NOT rename the panel.
Drop this panel called ‘ Object’  in the pose stand.
Panels are rezzed
In chat I see:
Generator: Panel 1 linked Panel 2 linked etc.
But nothing is linked 
You have forgotten to give permissions to link Hit the button RESET
Give permissions to LINK
Click  CREATE again.
There are panels with the correct name in the pose stand.
Permission to link is given.
Skirt panels are rezzed
But still there is a script warning Could not find object ‘ Object’
You probably have accidently hit the GO button more than one time. Pose stands are rezzed over each other, not noticeably to the eye, but still there. There is 1 panel filled with the object, but others may be not filled. Delete the pose stands until there is nothing in front of your generator. Hit GO once! Give permissions and proceed.
The generator works but the skirt doesn’t look anything like the example skirt You have rotated the generator and/or the pose stand. Rezzing and linking is done in relation to the position in world.



Delete your pose stand and generator and rez a new one from your inventory. DO NOT ROTATE the generator or pose stand.
You have changed the size of the panel before you put it in the pose stand If you need a skirt that is smaller or bigger, longer or shorter, please change the panels AFTER the skirt is made.

For shrinking please use a resizer script (see under Scripts)


The Skirt I made with the generator is No Transfer Are you SURE? Check the permission tab and hit the transfer checkbox. Still nothing?
You might have used a texture that is no transfer to you.


Use another texture on the panels
Check the content of the panels, it is an SL glitch that when you add the panel maker script twice to a prim, it won’t delete itself the second time. The panel maker script is no transfer, this will cause the whole skirt to be no transfer


Delete the skirt and the pose stand. Rez your panel and delete the panel maker script from the content or make an entirely new panel using the script only once.
Proceed with a new pose stand.

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