Building a skirt with a generator V3

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Today I made a few tutorials to help you guys creating clothes using the V3 generators. Besides I am going to tell you how to create clothes without a psd file, just using that png file that is included.

In part 1 – building a skirt with generator V3 I am showing the process of skirt building with the newest version of generators.


In the follow-up tutorial I will show you….

In part 2a – Texturing clothing layers using the png file as a guide I will show you how this single file can act like a template when you use it well.

In part 2b – Texturing prim parts I will show you how to make matching textures for the skirt panels and other prim elements in the pack

In the last part, part 3 – Texturing sculpted elements, I will show you the trick on how to texture (all) sculpted elements.