ToddleeDoo Mesh Child


It is not that hard to create clothes for the ToddleDoo Avatars made by Cute Bytes. In every pack of mesh body you will find the appliers that can be used to create clothes.

In the following tutorial you can see me do it. Hopefully it will inspire you to open a children’s department in your store!

IMPORTANT- please make sure you change the templates you used for adults in your graphical program so you don’t give little boys a six-pack and baby-girls a D-cup!

0:55 – Applier on Touch and Appliers on Worn (Appliers come with the mesh avatar)
2:00 – Rez the applier – Applier is waiting for textures
3:00 – Change the name of the applier
3:25 – Drag a texture inside the content of the applier !!! Make sure the name of texture contains the word pants or shirt or socks
4:12 – Click the applier when ready and change the properties!
4:28 – Change if needed the description of the applier from All to Skinny or Looser
5:00 – Set for sale

5:23 – check out textures for your jacket
5:34 – Rez the empty applier and change the name
6.25 – Jacket layer explained
7:15 – rename the textures: upper part to shirt and lower part to pants
7:45 – drag both textures in the applier
8:00 – change the description to Looser
8:35 – change permissions
8:45 – click the applier

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