Omega Appliers Basic Tutorial


On a mesh body or mesh body parts like breasts and butts you cannot use the normal clothing layers. When you are wearing a mesh body, an alpha layer is hiding your ‘system’ avatar body to which you would apply the system clothing

Omega is an applier system that allows users of mesh bodies and body parts like boobs and butts to use the clothing you sell. The system already works for most mesh bodies and body parts and still more are being added over time. A growing list of supported Meshes you may find on the LovenLust Design Blog pages.

What do you need to make clothes for a mesh avatar? First of all clothing textures. You would need the texture files that are normally used in the system clothing layers. You also need the Omega Applier Developer Kit that you can get for free from their marketplace store

Unpack the Developer Kit, look for the Standard applier Kit and unpack this kit as well. For this tutorial we will use an upper and a lower texture for the top and glitch pants part. You could choose to make this outfit with 2 appliers: Lower and Upper, or with the OUTFIT applier that will apply both upper and lower part at once

Rez the Outfit Applier and rename it to a convenient name. Change the permissions of your applier to either copy or transfer and no modify

In the Content Tab open the ‘Omega Outfit Applier Config’ script by double clicking. In this script you need to add the UUID (the Universally Unique Identifier) of the clothing texture. This is the unique code with wich te texture is stored in the database.

Look for the texture (NOT the clothing layer) in your inventory. RIGHT click the texture and choose Copy Asset UUID. Paste this number in the correct line in the script.

Repeat this step for the lower texture. Save the script

IMPORTANT – it is very important to save your texture UUID’s, you wouldn’t want people to be able to use those textures in other outfits. For this reason you should now change the permissions in the config script to no modify. If you don’t want your appliers to be transferable, you can also take way the checkbox for transfer and just leave it copy.

You are ready to test your script: double click the applier to wear it. Click TOP for the upper part, click PANTS for the lower part. Wear your prim parts like skirt and sleeves. The outfit is ready to be sold and fit for mesh avatars.

NOTE: there are some more tips and tricks to share in the near future. Keep an eye on new tutorials on this subject by subscribing to this portal.