Omega appliers for Slink Feet


Although not everybody has a mesh body, most of us have mesh hands and feet and the most well-known are the ones from Slink. If you create an outfit with the use of socks or stockings you are almost obliged to put some applier in for those feet. In this tutorial I will show you how to make those socks with the Omega Developer Kit you already got from the previous tutorial.

First of all a few IMPORTANT notes:

  • Your customers would need the Omega System Kit for Slink
  • This kit ONLY works with the with the latest versions of Slink feet (V2.3 or higher) Your customers need to go to the Slink store to get a free update from their redelivery board.

Perhaps it would  be a good idea to write this info in a notecard and pack this with your outfit. This will prevent BIG frustrations with your Slink-user customers. Check for an example Notecard here.

Talking about updates…. You yourself should regularly check if there is a new Developer kit available at the time of this tutorial it is V2.9.9. Note though that the individual appliers inside the pack not all have the same version number.

For socks and stockings we only need the Lower applier. Rez it on the floor, open the config script and copy and paste the UUID for the socks texture in the proper field. Save the script and change the permissions to no modify, no transfer.

You don’t need to make different appliers for Slink or for Mesh avatars, but in general it will be more clear if the applier is called Socks and not Underwear, panty or lower part. Remember your customers are no designers and have no clue about avatar body templates.

So you probably have changed the name of the applier to something like ‘Omega Applier Socks’ but if your customer wear it on the screen they can choose for Pants, Underwear and Lower Tatt. They might wonder where to put those socks.

For Slink it doesn’t matter if you drop the Socks on the Pants or the UnderWear layer, but the Mesh avatar would probably choose the ‘UnderWear button’ for the socks and the ‘Pants button’ for the Pants. Since we won’t make different appliers for Slink users or Mesh body users we want Socks to be where UnderWear is now.

Omega has provided us with a download page where you can download the PSD files to change the looks of your Applier HUD. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the buttons stay on the exact same location as on the original. What I would want to do is change the word Underwear to Socks or Stockings and remove the Pants and the Lower Tatt button. I downloaded the font they have used for the button texts. Opened the correct file(non-materials applier – bottom.psd) in my Photoshop. Now  I copied the Layer ’Pants UnderWear Lower Tatt’. I removed the words Pants and Lower Tatt and changed the work UnderWear to Socks (and once more to Stockings)

For your convenience I uploaded both textures here, you can download them and use them in your appliers. I have also put them on the Group Only table in the Trendy Templates Main Store so you can pick them up for free to use them. Now replace the texture with your new texture, change the general permissions to no Mod no Trans and your Applier is ready for use.

If you test it think of ONE important thing! Use your SLINK Utilities HUD and put your Stockings to ON

non-materials applier - Socks non-materials applier - Stockings