Omega Applier System (3 Tutorials)


It hasn’t become easy for the designer of virtual clothing. Apart from the good old system avatar that could be dressed with a simple clothing layer and a texture we now have all kind of mesh attachments like bellies, boobs, butts, hands, feet and even full mesh avatars. To get these mesh parts covered with your clothes you will have to use a scripted device called an applier, that applies the texture to the mesh body part.

Each brand of mesh parts and bodies developed its own applier and that would force you as a designer to put tons of different appliers in your pack and cover your entire vendor picture with logos of the brands they are suited for.

Thanks to the Omega Project from LovenLust this process can be simplified. One set of appliers that will suit more and more mesh bodies and body parts. On their blog you can check the list with supporting brands.

To make it easy for you as a designer I created a few tutorials on how to use this Applier System. This way you may increase your market and increase the number of happy customers!