Big Boobs Appliers

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What do you, as a fashion designer, need to know about the big boobs? There is a growing group of ‘Big Boobie Babes’; girls that wear the mesh attachments to be able to have big boobs without have the major distortion you would get wearing your normal linden shape with the breasts stretched to the max. This blog post is not whether you, personally, like them or not, but more if this could be interesting for you as a merchant to sell.

As said, the boobies are mesh attachments and therefore you would need to cover them up with a special texture. The normal system clothes shirt or jacket layers will not cover them and would leave them naked. Customers themselves cannot use the clothes you sell to adjust them to cover the boobies, so in order to make your clothes fit for that group; you need to include a so called ‘applier’. So far there are not that many stores that have added appliers to their vendors, which means there is a market for you to explore!

What is an Applier? This is a scripted hud or hud add-on that the customer wears on the screen. Clicking on it will apply a texture on the boobies. The applier is created by the creator of the boobies and you, as a fashion merchant, need to adjust it to fit your outfit. An empty applier comes with a pair of boobies you buy. There are several brands of boobies or which Lola’s Tango and Lush are the most popular. A very good and not that expensive alternative are the mesh boobies from Puffy! Each brand uses its own applier, although there are boobies from different brands that can use the appliers of Lola’s Tango.

How can you add an applier to your vendors? An empty applier comes with a set of boobies, sometimes comes with the demo version, if there is a demo available. This means you would need to buy a set of boobies, or know someone that has one to give you one. Once you have an applier you can add the UUID of a clothing texture to a config notecard. Drop that notecard in the applier and add that to your vendors.

Is it that simple? Yes and no! Unless you have friends wearing them, it could be a big investment to buy the mesh boobies, only to get the applier. Once you have the applier it takes some work to make the config notecard for each type of applier. You could use the normal upper template texture to create your applier, which is by far the easiest way. I made a tutorial on how to do that. You can also adjust the texture and use only the upper quart of a torso template to fit in the applier. This method is a bit more work, but usually gives a better result due to the better resolution used.

What does Trendy Template do to help you? For some outfits there will be Big Boobs Applier Add-on packs available. In them you will find an applier for Lola’s Tango and Puffy! and usually also for Lush ready to sell, one for each top in the matching template pack. You also will get the adjusted textures (512 x 512 px) that are used in the config notecards and an empty applier for each of those forenamed brands of boobiesDue to TOS infringement we are no longer allowed to add an empty applier in the packs! A notecard with detailed instruction will help you to get your own designs in an empty appliers. The reason that Lush appliers are not always included is due to the fact that those breasts are sculpted and not mesh and therefor the texturing is not fully compatible. When the template is not completely lined out and/or not meeting our quality standard, the appliers for this brand will be left out.

Do you need to have those boobies yourself? No, there is no need to, unless you fancy them. You don’t need to picture them for your vendor adds, simply adding the text on your vendor that appliers are included will do the trick. Advertise the fact you have appliers in your vendors, contact groups of boobies fans and you will most likely see an increase of customers. Remember however that when you are going to make your own designs to fit in the appliers you definitely will want to have a pair of boobs yourself to adjust and fit. More information on boobies you might find on

Check out the new appliers on the marketplace or in the mainstore.

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